The wonders of Grand Vista

Grand Vista Boutique Hotel and Spa and its environs offer you a rich array of activities, no matter whether the atmosphere you seek is romantic, relaxing or athletic.

Discover the Galilee

Grand Vista is surrounded by a large number of trails recommended for all seasons of the year.

Nature Walks

You can hire mountain or tandem bikes at Grand Vista and pedal away together into the stunning surroundings, replete with tracks and trails, orchards and spectacular vistas.

Dancing on Water

Grand Vista’s hydrotherapy pool is an experience that is utterly unique. Here you can enjoy the sounds of enchanting music as you float on the water and pamper each other using relaxation techniques that we will teach you on the spot.
Assisted by floats, dip your ears into the water to hear the relaxing, charming music. Trust your body in your partner’s hands and enjoy an amazing experience. Within seconds, you are drawn into a world which is all dream….

For those seeking a little more

Astride Grand Vista’s well-groomed horses, with the northern vistas enveloping you lovingly, you set out for a romantic riding experience amid the sensational aromas of nature’s flowering, or along the banks of the Iyon Creek which flows year round.
The rides are specially geared to maximize the pleasant evenings, and ensure a warm, romantic atmosphere.
Even if you have never ridden a horse before, there’s no need for concern: this pleasure requires no previous experience. We begin with a brief 20-minute demonstration and explanation of basic riding control and safety. Then, after a little practice, we set out with a certified guide. The horses are well-trained and gentle. Along the way, we will stop at a pastoral setting for hot coffee and cake, continue and finally, return to our country plot. As we ride, we can offer as much or as little explanation as you wish on the flora and fauna in the area. This is your private horse ride – no other couples will join you.
Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience.
Horse riding trips are offered to persons older than 16 years (maximum weight 90 kilos), and are conducted by appointment. 
Instruction: 20 minutes
Ride: 1 hour.

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